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​Portable Toilet Services

Portable toilets (porta-potties) are one of the key needs for outdoor events, construction sites, and during times of natural disaster. FPT Ferguson Portable Toilets  has built our reputation for being the #1 "go-to" provider of porta-potties for Central Virginia's wine festivals, outdoor concerts, street fairs, and outdoor destination events like weddings and corporate banquets – contact FPT Ferguson Portable Toilets for clean, light, spacious, and modern portable restrooms. We offer standard toilets, ADA/ Wheelchair Accessible toilets, and freshwater handwashing stations. All portable restrooms are furnished with antimicrobial hand cleaner and toilet paper.
Our restrooms are professionally cleaned and sanitized before and after each rental and are supplied with a deodorizer during use periods. With a large inventory and variety of models available for rent, we can furnish restrooms to service all of your guests and attendees, including parents with infants, and people in wheelchairs.  Our convenient handwashing stations streamline restroom wait times, and provide fresh water, soap, and paper towels for guests. We also offer next-day pickup from event sites to ensure compliance with venue's special event contract site cleanup timeline requirements. 
Monthly rentals are cleaned on a regular schedule and additional clean outs can be scheduled as needed for high volume periods.
Wondering how many toilets you need for your site or upcoming event? Check out our handy restroom calculator here or contact Noelle and Bryan for more information at (434) 610-0201.
Lynchburg Area Porta-Potties
Customer Care: (434) 610-0201
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